Meet the Cast: Lexi

An overview on Lexi, ASH's protagonist.

Meet the Cast: Lexi

Every game needs a protagonist. Whether you choose a blank slate that the player then personifies with dialogue options, a silent hero, a wild character that causes chaos, or something in-between, the choice you make will shape your game. Making a proper protagonist for Project ASH has been a rather long and arduous process that has gone through many revisions, personalities, and designs.

A question we've been asked a few times is, "Why bother making a Mega Man Legends fangame if you aren't going to play as Mega Man?" That's a valid question. A lot of Legends fans are clamoring for a conclusion to the series and to finally get Mega Man off the moon.

We can't do that, though; any fangame that tries to do that will inevitably be obsolete when Mega Man Legends 3 eventually happens. It has to happen, right?

This has to happen eventually, right? Image courtesy of

Either way, I personally find the lore of the Legends series intriguing. On one side you have the mysteries of The System and its enigmatic units bound by ancient logic. Then you have the diggers, prodding at an underground world for fame, fortune, and more. Lastly, there are tons of third parties like pirates plundering treasure and simple civilians trying to live out their lives.

It's hard not to see the potential for more stories within the world, and that's why we're here!

With Project ASH, I want to tell a story that doesn't just exist in the Legends world, but dives into details that were glossed over by the main games and are unlikely to be explored in future titles. I want to tell a story that can stand on its own without having played Legends 1, 2, or Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

However, for those that have played those games, I want them to feel like this game doesn't just have a Legends paint job.  I want it to fee like it exists in that world, with certain events, backdrops, or even scenes having extra meaning knowing how they fit into the other games. I believe that there are stronger stories to be told in that universe than simply getting Mega Man off the moon and taking a wild guess where the story would go next.

Sorry, but we aren't coming to get you. Image courtesy of

That's why Project ASH does not star Mega Man. With that out of the way, let us introduce you to the protagonist of ASH, Lexi.

Note that all designs shown in this series are a work-in-progress, and may change before the final product.

Fruits of a Digging Family

Despite being a teenager, Lexi is already a seasoned digger that as shown her mettle within the machine-filled labyrinths time and time again. With her father being a digger, she got plenty of early exposure to the digging life and it has given her the comfort and confidence to succeed. Though she isn't exactly considered a premiere digger among her cohorts, she is well trusted by the island's Guildmaster to get the job done.

Concept Art of Lexi back in 2011 by Krystal

As a veteran, she's trusted by her island's digging guild to handle jobs and has clearance for much of the island's ruins. Her younger brother, Finn, acts as her dedicated spotter that leads her through dangerous areas. While Finn would sometimes prefer a more methodical way of doing things, Lexi will all too often rush into situations and figure out what to do later.

Unlike some of the other diggers that rely on raw strength, Lexi more relies on athleticism and speed to complement her buster. She might not be picking up large reaverbots and tossing them around, but she can confound them with big leaps, long rolls, or bouncing off walls while avoiding their many attacks.

Different outfit designs and hairstyles designed by Emeltee.

Tragedy Beneath the Surface

What motivates a digger? For Lexi, digging is just natural to her, but she has her own reasons for trying to become a stronger digger.

Nearly one decade ago, Lexi's father disappeared in the ruins... with her by his side. Despite the massive search effort, days became weeks and hope became slim for finding either of them.

The abandoned upper floors of the ruin as drawn by Emeltee

Somehow, Lexi was found unharmed in one of the upper floors of the ruin, a place that diggers had been through many times in the early days of the search. This was a miraculous turn of events, but unfortunately her father was never found.

As she grew older, Lexi continued to wonder what happened during that dig and why she survived. She continues to the present day to try and dig deeper and uncover the secrets of the island's massive ruin network. If she's ever going to succeed, she's going to have to have to get stronger, upgrade her gear, and earn clearance to the most dangerous areas of the ruin.

Family, Friends, and Foes

Becoming a legendary digger alone would be near impossible, so Lexi often relies on her friends and family for additional help. While her mother isn't thrilled about Lexi following in her father's footsteps, she knows that there is little she can do to stop her daughter.

A digger also needs upgrades, and for that she has her friend Mally. Adopted by the Guildmaster, Mally spends pretty much all her time around the Junk Shop and has become a formidable mechanic. Lexi, Finn, and Mally make up a small digging crew, and share the rewards of successful digs on occasions.

But not everyone on the island is happy about diggers and how they treat the underground world. A sect of the island known as The Deholonists are against the use of Holon (ruin) technology, and blames Lexi and the other diggers for the increasing reaverbot activity on the surface. Though they rely on inferior man-made technology, they will often skirmish with diggers on the outskirts of the island.

If the Deholonists weren't enough, sometimes even the other diggers can be rivals, too. Lexi often finds herself competing with the Guildmaster's grandson, Rolan, in order to get the premiere jobs. Completing guild jobs, making money, and upgrading her license is the only way forward, so sometimes you can't just be good enough. You have to be better than your contemporaries.

What Makes a Digger?

Standing in the shadow of her father's infamous accomplishments, she has to wonder: what makes a digger great? She isn't the surest shot, she doesn't have the raw strength of older diggers, and her equipment is outdated hardware being pushed to its very limit through numerous upgrades.

If she's ever to reach her goals, she'll have to find a way to break through and become a truly great digger that goes to depths that only one digger has ever traveled before: her father.