Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why make a Mega Man Legends fangame?

The Mega Man Legends world is a rather interesting, but under-explored backdrop. The three games, while fun and memorable, were also flawed and from another era.  We want to see what a Legends-like game would feel like with modern sensibilities and without the strict limitations of the Playstation 1/N64.

Where can I contact the team?

The easiest way to contact us is through our discord server.

How much will ASH cost when it is done?

Another Story in Halcyon is a fangame and will be free. This is a passion project for the Mega Man Legends community.

Why not tell the story of getting Mega Man off the moon?

The story of getting Mega Man off the moon is a rather tricky one. If there ever is a Mega Man Legends 3, it will tell that story and would invalidate any story we told in that case.

ASH's story takes place in the universe and allows for a deeper examination of the lore without directly conflicting with any potential sequels of the series. We are very happy with the story we've written for the project, and once people see the story we've written, we think that they'll agree that this was the right direction to take.

What kind of game is ASH?

Project ASH is a 3D Action Adventure game much like Mega Man Legends 1 and 2. Explore a 3D overworld filled with NPCs while digging through a dangerous underworld filled with deadly Reaverbots while progressing through a main story with many side quests.

What Platforms will ASH run on?

ASH is targeting PCs. This includes devices like the Steamdeck that can run PC environments. ASH's minimum requirements are estimated to be as follows:

  • A modern x86-64 Processor
  • OpenGL 4.6 or Vulkan 1.3 compatible Graphics Card
  • Windows 7 or newer and modern Linux distributions that support our dependencies.

Does ASH support Mouse and Keyboard?  Controllers?

ASH currently supports both mouse and keyboard and controllers, but will continue to add features to better make each option more playable as development continues.

What languages does ASH support?

ASH currently only targets an English release. Our writer is not fluent in any other languages and finding translators is an incredibly low priority at this stage of development.

When is ASH releasing?

We don't know - development of a game is hectic. A lot of our contributors and core developers are volunteers. However, rather than simply disappearing for years at a time, we plan to make occasional releases/demos showing off parts of the game for players eager to try out portions of the game. These releases will be archived on the downloads page.